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Mir 50® Bushing Stock

Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel

Mir 50 Bushing Stock is a (modified) Custom 450® stainless steel that blends toughness and corrosion resistance into one steel. Mir 50 Bushing Stock is a precipitation hardening, martensitic stainless steel. Typical hardness is 258/294 BHN. It is offered in a rough machined condition both OD and ID for proper clean-up allowance.

The material provides excellent serviceability in a variety of industrial applications in the food processing, chemical and paper industries. It is well-known as the “4340 of the stainless world.” Agency concurrences includes API-6A, FDA, AMS-5763 (chemistry only) and NACE MR-01-75-097 revision.

Consider using Mir 50 Bushing Stock in place of certain commercial grade stainless steel including: 416, 410, 17-4PH, 304L, and 316L depending upon the requirement. Call or email us for a quote.



High Strength

Galling Resistant

Corrosion Resistant

Fatigue Resistant

Double Stress Relieved

Low Memory



Sour Service Approved


Agency Concurrence

NACE MR0175-97

AMS-5763 (chemistry)

FDA and API-6A


Typical Properties*

Hardness258/294 BHN
Tensile 140,000 P.S.I.
Yield 108,000 P.S.I.
Elongation in 2″26%
Reduction of Area65%
Charpy “V” Notch 105 @ 70°F

*Based on 1/2″ test piece


Service Temperature

800°F (constant); Oxidation Resistant to 1200°F

Available Sizes1

2″ OD x 1″ ID
2-1/2″ OD x 3/4″ ID
2-1/2″ OD x 1″ ID
3″ OD x 1-1/2″ ID
3-1/2″ OD x 1-1/2″ ID
4″ OD x 2″ ID
4″ OD x 3″ ID
4-1/2″ OD x 2-1/2″ ID
4-1/2″ OD x 3-1/2″ ID
5″ OD x 3″ ID
5-1/2″ OD x 3″ ID
5-1/2″ OD x 3-1/2″ ID
6″ OD x 3″ ID
6″ OD x 3-1/2″ ID
6-1/2″ OD x 3″ ID

1Certain sizes may have modified analysis relative to production requirements.



Custom Cuts



  • Bushings
  • Wear Rings
  • Collars
  • Sleeves
  • Hex Nuts
  • Washers

Custom 450® is a registered trademark of Carpenter Technology Corporation.


Supplied rough machined with allowance for clean-up.

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