Technical Data

Kromite® #3 and Mirraloy® TGP vs AISI 4100 Series Comparison Chart

Kromite #3 & Mirraloy TGP

Electric Furnace Melt– offers greater quality control at the mill including refinement of chemistry, grain size and shape.

Clean Steel Technology– a manufacturing process that delivers consistent steel through control and refinement of the melt. Improvements to toughness and fatigue resistances are achieved. Designed to provide optimal performance.

Vacuum Degassed– eliminates many impurities found in commercial grade alloys. The result is a better, cleaner, and stronger product that extends service.

Proprietary Chemistry– offers excellent cleanliness and a well defined grain structure to provide fatigue resistance when material is in service. Enhanced with nickel for added strength; levels of sulfur and phosphorus kept to minimal levels for improved machining characteristics.

Heat Treated– thermal manufacturing processes are verified against strict quality guidelines that ensure optimal uniformity.

Mechanical Properties– tensile, yield, brinnell hardness values that have higher values and consequently offer more resistance to fatigue; improved toughness.

Machine Straightened– eliminates excessive bow and distortion. Our standard straightness is 1/8″ in any 5 feet, better than twice the industry standard (for rounds and squares only).

Stress Relieved– reduces the likelihood of “walking” or moving during machining.

Mechanical Testing– tensile, yield, elongation, reduction of area, and jominy are checked every 10,000lbs for stricter quality control.

Machinability– refined grain structure that improves overall machinability and resistance to fatigue failure.

Designed to yield maximum performance in application.

AISI/SAE 4100 Series Commercial Grade Alloy

Open Hearth Furnace– typically larger heat lots with less control and refinement.

Not Required

Not Required

Standard Chemistry– commercial mill practices followed with minimum standards.

Heat Treated– lacks depth and uniformity found in Kromite #3 and Mirraloy TGP.

Mechanical Properties– approx. 20% less in mechanical values than Kromite #3 and Mirraloy TGP; higher propensity for fatigue failure; lower degree of toughness.

Machine Straightened– commercial mill practice is 1/4″ in any 5 feet.

Not Required

Mechanical Testing– commercial mill practices are at every 50,000 lbs. increments which yields looser standards.

Machinability– not consistent; more difficult to machine with hard and soft spots.

AISI / SAE standards establish only safe minimum standards.