Technical Data

Kromite® #3 and Mirraloy® TGP Machining Guidelines


High Speed – Depth of Cut .150” Speed 70 fpm Feed .015 inch/revolution Tooling M1, M2, T15, M33, M41, M47

Carbide – Depth of Cut .150” Speed 260 brazed, 330 throw-away Feed .015 inch/revolution Tooling C6 (Cutting Fluid: Soluble Oil 1:20)

Drilling – Point Angle 118°, relief 12° Helix Angle 29° point: plain Feed .005 inch/revolution

Note: Caution should be exercised when working with hardened alloy materials. Use equipment of sufficient capacity, that is in good condition. Utilize machine operators that are experienced in working with these materials. Appropriate safety gear should be utilized at all times.