Technical Data

ASC2250® LDX Welding and Machining


Gas Tungsten arc TIG
Shielded Metal arc
Gas Metal arc
Flux-cored arc
Submerged arc
Plasma arc

Resists the negative effects of localized corrosion in welding, at the heat affected zone. Request detailed welding information

Welding Tips

No pre-heat required. Cool between passes (below 300°F). Filler metal suggested but not required. Post weld anneal not required. If post-weld annealing is accomplished, follow with a rapid water quench to prohibit re-forming of the intermetallic phase.

When using GTAW or PAW, consider the adding of nitrogen in the shielding/purging gas to ensure optimum pitting resistance. Recommended Fillers: LDX2101 from Avesta Welding or 2209. Request detailed welding data.