At this point perhaps we should have a little review of the earlier posts, just to see how things are going.


1. 304 and 316 can be thermally hardened to

a. They can’t be thermally hardened to

b. The consistency of a ripe peach

c. A hardness that would hurt if you were struck on the head


2. Muffler Stock is material used to make

a. An article of women’s winter apparel

b. Similar to Woodstock

c. An economical type of stainless steel


3. Grades of stainless steel sometimes fall within groups based on

a. Grain Type

b. Length

c. Weight


4. Steel that contains more than 10-3/4% chromium is considered to be

a. Very shiny

b. Stainless Steel

c. Generally resistant to corrosion

d. both b and c


5. The great thing about “exotic grades of steel is that

a. They are affordable for everyone

b. They are engineered to solve difficult maintenance issues

c. They look great on the beach


Answers on the next post.

-Howard Thomas, December 6th 2017



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